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12. 29. 2005

Baby's first laptop

I know that it's probably a good idea to expose your kids to computers at a fairly young age, considering how much they'll be using them once they're in school, but I'm not sure how I feel about this plush laptop for newborns. The laptop makes authentic boot-up noises and pushing the touchpad plays "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". The "input device" is a little plush mouse creature. It's washable, an important factor for babies hard at work and needing a little chew on the keyboard. Of course, any baby more than a few months old will know the difference between this Gund toy computer and the real thing, but will probably keep very young babies entertained.

Available as a playset with a soft stuffed rocket and space man for $19.99 at GeniusBabies.

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For a newborn, I'd opt for geometric shapes and objects with simple faces, but I suppose that doesn't appeal to parents. Who is this toy for, the baby or parent?

For toddlers, how much play value is there in a laptop compared to other emulation toys, such as a kitchen?

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