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12. 14. 2005

Maternity air bed


Whoa, is that hole in the middle of the airbed supposed to be where your pregnant belly goes? When I was pregnant, I was counting down the days till I could sleep on my stomach again. This air bed supposedly allows you to lie on your stomach while you sleep. When you're on your side, you position your belly to dip into that hole to relieve the stress on your back, stomach and hips. The mattress was invented by Dr. Harry Watters, and the unique middle centerpiece is called the adjustable comfort tummy zone. The site mentions that the inflatable mattress can be used during camping not once but twice. I don't know about you other pregnant ladies out there, but when I was pregnant, the last thing I wanted to do was rough it in the woods. Give me a nice couch, stocked fridge and a bathroom any day!

From Be Here Soon

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This item just makes me laugh! From my experience with air mattresses, I usually ended up sleeping on the floor by the morning, and I'd imagine you'd literally be laying on your stomach within a few hours which would not be comfortable, inless the mattress is expected to just keep the rest of your body afloat while you lay on top of your pregnant belly...

I can just picture waking up in the middle of the night for a loo rush and getting stuck in that thing, too.

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