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12. 30. 2005

Skip Hop Pronto!


Speaking of Skip Hop and the quest for minimizing gear, I just noticed the Pronto! on their website. I haven't seen it in stores yet and I'm intrigued. Front pockets hold your essentials: wallets, keys, etc. A strap allows you to sling it over your stroller or hang it off your wrist like a wristlet, mesh pockets hold about 4 diapers and a traslucent wipes case allows you to see when it needs a refill (ok, who's cursed themselves for not remembering to refill the wipes case? Me!). There's also a built-in pillow and a wider changing area to the pad (which also zips off) to make the changing experience more pleasant for your baby. Now if only they could do something about restraining a wiggly whiny toddler who doesn't want to get changed...

Available for $30 at Baby Universe

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Sorry for the late comment -- just came across your blog the other day from Daddy Types. Anyway:

We got one of these about a month ago, and honestly, I don't know how we lived without it. It's really nicely designed. Instead of a huge diaper bag which I never know what to do with in the bathroom (men's room floor? I think not!), there's just this relatively compact (and let's not forget, non-girly) thing which can go in my backpack.

I'd put this up with the Baby Björn in the totally "essential modern baby gear" category.

I just got the Pronto and I must agree. I think it's great. We're going on a trip soon to the west coast to visit in laws and we've always carried our diaper bag plus a carry on bag on the plane. Now we can just slip this into our carry on and we'll be set. Nice to carry less of a load.

Hi, my pregnant cousin gave me this site yesterday and I have been browsing it all day! I had so much fun! I must say that with my 18 months old boy, the idea of a thin diaper bag is appealing, though he won't lay down anymore in public places for some odd reason... so the changing pad won't help me!

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