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12. 15. 2005

Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer


Why Cry - the world's first patented baby cryer analyzer. Hmmm...I'm actually trying not to laugh at the instructions.

Turn on Why Cry and place it close to the infant (between 20" and 6' depending on weight). Analysis takes about 20 seconds. Results are displayed when the icon lights up. Unit returns to wait mode after 1 minute.

Ok, I am laughing. The 5 icons indicate whether your baby is annoyed, bored, hungry, sleepy, or stressed/colic. Love how they have "colic" as the last category. I imagine it's a catch-all for anything that the Analyzer can't figure out because it claims to have a 95% success rate. It's targeted for new parents (desperate and sleep deprived, most likely), but seriously, I can't imagine why anyone would really fall for this as it seems to undermine and replace our maternal instincts and common sense with a device. I mean, can you see yourself holding up the Analyzer to your crying baby for 20 seconds so that a battery powered device can figure out what your baby needs?

From Comfort House

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Indeed a new invention...and an eccentric one too...i guess these people will soon bring out a "gimo-mommy"...even I'll write abt dis one.

all d bst jenna

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