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01. 31. 2006

Pixel Chix


Pixel Chix are 2 dimensional LCD girls who live in 3 dimensional, furnished 4 inch plastic houses. Push their buttons and they become your virtual friend (like virtual pets). You control their fate and help them decide what to eat, wear, go and play (your virtual subservient friend is more like it, actually). And what if you don't pay enough attention to your Chix? Surprise, surprise! Your Pixel Chix will develop an attitude while cobwebs collect in a state of neglect, and eventually she'll move away. Awww. But of course if you are a good friend, you'll advance and accumulate more stuff for your Chix. Collect all three Pixel Chix houses and you can connect them so they interact and play with each other and even go over for visits. Ok, so that's pretty cool, even if you do have to suffer through all that annoying, slightly Valley-girlish, Pixel Chix chatter.


You can get them at most toy stores including Toys-R-Us.

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