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03. 07. 2006

Asian Doll Roundup

My kid is half asian/ half white, though I can objectively say that she looks nothing like me and looks 95% white (except when she's sleeping). I've been thinking about getting her a doll - a real doll and not just a plush toy - because she's shown some interest, but I want to get her an Asian doll (maybe to make myself feel better, I don't know, blah blah). So here's a roundup of some Asian dolls that I've found. Of course there are more out there, but I didn't find the search too inspiring as you'll see why.

Fisher Price, you disappoint me! This doll looks as much Asian as my kid, except more Hispanic.

Here's one not so Asian looking doll from the Alexander Doll Company. I think the 1 user review says it all - "I'm glad that this doll has normal eyes. There are many Asians with large eyes like this doll. Not bitty eyes! This doll looks normal and very pretty". Uh, thanks.

Okay, definitely more asian looking (pretty good actually), but Mini Calin looks too much like an Asian grandmother with hunched shoulders. Kinda creepy.

Uh, no. Asian Dress Up Doll does not deserve a comment.

Okay, first of all, have you ever been to the Newborn Nursery at FAO Schwartz? They set it up like a real nursery with dolls all lined up in hospital bassinets and there's a nurse in uniform "caring" for the newborns. You get to choose from an impressive array of skintones, expressions, eye and hair color, and you can adopt the baby with brith certificate and much fanfare. The whole thing was weirdly realistic in a bizarro world kind of way. But back to their Asian version. I think this doll looka more Hispanic, which is not particularly wrong considering that many half Asians do get mistaken for Hispanic. But as far as 100% Asian goes, not so good.

Buddha, is that you?

This one, called Asian Kim (maybe she's supposed to be Korean) is okay, but still pretty caucasian looking. People! Thick, glossy black hair does not automatically make you look Asian! See Asian Dress Up Doll above.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Adorable! Perfect! Realistically Asian looking! We have a winner at $24.99 from Salvador Berenguer.

Sometimes, however, simple is best. Asian Love from Live and Learn.

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I was thinking I remembered seeig asian Cabbage Patch Kids when I was little, so I did a little googling, and this is what I came up with: http://tinyurl.com/mfc3k

Please, don't ask me what makes this baby asian-looking besides the black hair.

Really, it was almost comical.

To be fair, "regular" Cabbage Patch Kids don't look like white kids either.

Well, how about this one:
I don't think it looks Asian but it's cute and it's got that cartoon-y thing where I don't think it's supposed to look "real." It does have that freaky skinny thing going on... I dunno.

The groovy girl is kinda cute, but I'm looking for a baby doll for my 2 year old. I don't want to deal with Groovy/American/Bratz dolls just yet. (please no bratz dolls, please!!!)

I'm a hapa dad of a 1/2-Filipina, 1/4-Japanese, 1/4-Jewish 16-month-old girl, so I feel you. :) Here's my little exploration of the doll question (posted on my blog in Jan.), fyi:


This website has a large combination of features (skin tones, eye color, hair types, etc.) to choose from. They have baby dolls and regular dolls and accessories gallore. My children and African American and White and I was pleased with the selection.

I think American Girl makes an Asian baby doll.

I think it is important for kids to have dolls that look like them or atleast somewhat like them. I'm glad you found what you were looking for there is a website with some great dolls called www.dollslikeme.com I can't remember if they have Asian dolls but it may be worth checking out.

Fisher Price makes Sonya Lee. http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=900000&e=storeproduct&pid=31181
My dd's best friend is 1/2 Vietnamese and has several versions of this doll (big, small, plastic, cloth). In fact, my dd has a little one and she named it after her friend.

Yeah, finding a doll that looks like my Asian/white daughter has been a pain. A few more places to look if you still haven't completely decided:

Real Kidz has mixed race dolls. http://www.real-kidz.com/index.html

I will second Dolls Like Me http://www.dollslikeme.com/

ChinaSprout has some Asian dolls. http://www.chinasprout.com

Ethnic Dolls Depot: http://www.ethnicdollsdepot.com/

Dolls So Real http://dollssoreal.zoovy.com/product/B35000

Culture for Kids or Asia for kids

My niece is half Asian/ half white, so we bought her an Asian Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas. We just felt it looked more like her than the typical blonde haired blued eyed doll.

Thanks everyone for more leads and suggestions on where to look. Great to hear different experiences on the same issue. I make fun of a lot of these dolls, however, it's pretty great that our kids have more choices than we did. What choice did I have, really, than to carry around a blond haired, blue eyed doll?

What a great post! And the Alexander comment was scary. I'm mama to two kids adopted from China. When we adopted our son, he wanted a baby to take care of so I went on the Asian doll quest for the first time. Some of the "asian" dolls were really icky. I finally tracked down an Asian boy toddler size doll--'bout the same size as the Asian Kim. It looks pretty darned close to my son [Chinese] so we bought one and he got to be the baba. But I guess the doll wasn't very popular because it was dropped from the catalogue. I contacted Corelle but they haven't brought him back. We also have the mini calin aka "wawa"---my son picked it out as a present for his little sister. She couldn't have cared less.

I no longer hunt such dolls as my son is passing the stage and my daughter is one of those "non-doll" persons. I sure don't envy the people trying to find them---in the four years I've been hunting, the selection has NOT improved.

My 15 month old daughter is 1/4 Korean, though she looks at least half. Your site was one that I came across when I decided to try and find her a baby doll, and I appreciated the reviews. I ended up ordering her the Asian Baby Bottom Doll from dollslikeme.com and it arrived yesterday. I must say I'm quite pleased with it, and I hope she will be too!

I thought the corolle calin doll was a very good choice, not the mini - yes she is scary. But the 18" she is very cute.

My Chinese adopted daughter, now at age 11, is longing for a baby doll for the first time. Before now, she never showed much interest in dolls. She has an Asian Cabbage Patch and a cute Asian rag doll in storage, but she wants a life-like baby. Many of the ones available struck me the same way. (I laughed out loud at the "Buddha is that you?" comment. Strangest proportions to that one-- and the "Asian grandma" even my daughter called "ugly".) I agree that it is an insult to give a doll shiny, black hair and call it Asian. I am looking for that beauty of the Asian infants that captured my heart and made me a mom of a precious Chinese girl. I have seen a couple of Asian dolls that are so beautiful that I want them as much as she does, but why is it that they have to be so expensive? We are on a very tight budget. I am sorry to see that it costs more for an Asian doll than a Caucasian one.

Thank you so much for this post! My wife and I have two year old boy/girl twins, 1/2 black & 1/2 filipino/filipina. We have not given our daughter a doll yet, but my wife's sister has. Unfortunately, they are all white babies. My wife was never into dolls as a toddler in Manila, so this is a bit out of her realm (her sisters and she mostly played storeshop selling puto & bibingka). I'll take a look at some of these sites. If anyone comes across any baby dolls that look half black-half asian please let me know.

In my high school we are doing a flower baby project where the seniors carry around baby dolls attached to bags of flower for a couple days. Being filipina i wanted a doll that somewhat looked like me i found the americangirl bitty baby dolls to be the best ones out there
this one with the medium brown skin and dark brown hair and eyes matches what i want to a t! i'm happy to have found it

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