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03. 05. 2006

Cottonelle Training Toilet Paper

Gah, this is so unneccessary. Cottonelle has developed training toilet paper for your tots so they can learn exactly how much toilet paper to rip off - 5 sheets to be exact. Pawprints lead up to a puppy who sits at the 5th square where it's meant to be ripped, however, if this is the case, why not just make the perforation line every 5 squares instead of every square? What if you accidently rip off 6 squares, thereby throwing off the whole 5 square system? Then you'd have to compensate by ripping off less squares or more and risk confusing your kids and potentially wasting more toilet paper if the whole goal is to rip off by the puppy every time you reach for the TP. Ah, so stressful!

via Strange New Products (thanks to Popg writer Camilla for the tip).

Posted by Jenna    Category: bath/health
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