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04. 19. 2006

Fisher-Price iTod is actually called the Kid-Tough FP3 Player

Guess the name iTod was a fake that was just a rumor going around (thank god, it's pretty terrible). I got an email from their PR Rep and the MP3 player for toddlers by Fisher Price is actually called the Kid-Tough FP3 Player.

Posted by Jenna    Category: books/media
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I'm still not sold ... no earbuds for my kids! They can discover the solipsism of the headphone universe when they're older.

Michael -- headphones, not earbuds. Doesn't necessarily help the solipsism angle, though.

Anyway, more here. My main concern is that they'll lock the thing to only play content from their store, which would render it pretty much pointless.

It's not quite the way Matthew says. You can convert your own music to play on it. HOWEVER, you need to use their proprietary software (which you can't download at need if you lose the install CD) to convert to their proprietary 'FP3' format. The software does not convert any other audio format. Just imports from CD's or their store. The softare is limited to Windows only, no Apple or UNIX flavors permitted. I have not tried it on Vista yet, however the word is that it isn't supported. They aren't awful about the licensing for the software, as they permit it to be installed on 5 PC's. Although I believe that is to encourage Grandma and Auntie to purchase music for your child from their iTunesesque system.

After having to look for the installation CD a year later, and not being able to put new music on it after a new PC purchase until I found it or coughed up $5 and waited for them to *ship* me another CD... I would not recommend the item to anyone, no matter how the hardware performs. (Which, by the way, eats 2 AA batteries like you were powering your house on them)

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