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04. 17. 2006

Fisher-Price iTod MP3 player


Fisher Price is set to release it's iTod MP3 player this summer at a price point of $78 with its own rumored online music store. It's targeted towards toddlers and come preloaded with 6 songs (identified as symbols since most tots can't read) and the usual accessories - USB connection cable, software, and corded headphones. Yeah, yeah...I admit, I know at least one 2 year old with his own iPod, but toddlers don't need headphones plastered to their ears at this early age. There are enough personal music players geared towards kids out in the market already, but this is the first that is targeted towards kids this young (around 3) and $78 isn't exactly cheap. I personally see a future not too far away where my kid will spend all of her time in headphones (and I do speak from personal experience, and yes mom, I do now think that the slight imbalance in my hearing is from that! Yikes!) so starting them this young is, of course, ridiculous, but we can't be too surprised, can we?

via Mobile Mag.

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Hopefully Apple will smack down that horrible name.

Anyway, I see a lot of appeal in a product like this designed specifically for kids. I want my daughter to grow up with music, so I don't see anything horribly wrong with it. And, because it's designed for kids, the headphones are volume-limited -- much better than just getting a device designed for adults.

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