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04. 09. 2006

Solar Safe sun monitor wristband

Has anyone seen the sun? Rumor has it we'll be seeing it again soon. With that to look forward to it will be time to think about minimizing baby's exposure to the sun's damaging rays. With the Solar Safe wristband you will get a heads up when it's time to wrestle more sunscreen on the kids. As you head out into the sun, the band, along with the kids, gets a coating of sunblock. Over the course of the day, as the sunblock wears off, the band changes color to give you a visual as to how much sun exposure the kids are getting. This helps you monitor when to reapply more sunblock or to just head out of the sun altogether. To order a pack of 7 bands check out Nigel's Eco Store.
As a bonus feature there is a free waterproof pen to write a contact phone number on the band to help a lost child reunite with parents.

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Just remember -- getting sunlight is required for adequate vitamin D, and vitamin D prevents cancer.

What a great idea!

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