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06. 19. 2006

Pregancy belly painting kit

I remember going to a friend's baby shower and all we did was cast her belly with wet plaster all afternoon and I have to say, it was so much fun. Proudbody carries different belly kits for all types of art projects on your bulging tummy. There is the casting kit and a cool henna kit but I love their belly painting kit because pregnant moms can use it with their younger children for a totally fun bonding experience. The paints are water-based, making them both safe and easy to put on/remove. So imagine painting your pregnant belly with your other kids and then painting their faces with the same image. Great family project, great rainy afternoon type of activity. The Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit also comes with a sheet of, get this, Tummy Tats (temporary, pregnancy-related tattoos) for additional embellishment.

Find it at Proudbody.

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My OB often thought I had some odd rash on my belly. But it was just the faded purple marker my son would use to draw pictures for the baby. Woulda bought these in a heartbeat.

My daughter was born November 7, so you can imagine how huge my belly was for Halloween. I painted it like a jack-o-lantern and was the hit of the neighborhood, if I do say so myself. It was great fun, though I think the trick-or-treaters didn't get as big a kick out of it as their parents did. I just used Halloween face paint but this kit looks much easier.

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