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06. 05. 2006

Solid white gold diamond pacifier


Yeouch! I found THE most ridiculous baby item with gratuitous bling ever. The solid white gold pacifier with 278 diamonds can be had for $17,000 (yes, that is 3 zeroes, but it is 3 carats worth of 278 diamonds after all...and isn't it super shiny and sparkly?). It's not even functional (they don't recommend actual use), but rather, a precious keepsake for those parents who have everything. Seriously, what does one do with something as expensive as this besides allowing it to collect dust on a shelf? I REALLY want to know.

OK, wait, hold up. I'm not one for celebrity baby gossip, but I just heard rumors that this was sent to Brangelina??

From It'sMyBinky.com. They also make personalized (functional) binkies as well.

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