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06. 12. 2006

Star Egg Nightlight


Nightlights, as of late, have become so much more fun than the old standby of a white bulb that I remember as a kid. A bit ago, I wrote about the Candeloo nightlight which has a funky, modern look to it, along with being a functional, hand-held light. Recently, I came across the Star Egg Nightlight designed by J Schatz, which is another great contemporary option for a child's room. The light doesn’t really look like a nightlight at all and I think visitors to the nursery will be intrigued by what is sitting on top of the dresser. You can tell them it is a chic new talcum powder dispenser.


The egg, with its tiny little holes, put on a surreal starry show when turned on at night. It makes for a pretty panorama on the walls and ceiling. Add a few glow in the dark planets and you have created your own cosmos. The eggs come in 9 different colors to match any room decor.

at 2modern

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