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07. 20. 2006



I was always a big fan of the Everybody Poops/The Gas We Pass breed of books. There are some topics that are just always going to be appealing to kids, not to mention educational. So right up that giggle alley comes Bottoms, a simple board book for identifying the back ends of various animals. Thatís right; your kids are going to learn to ID their favorite animals from the departing view (which is what most animals are doing once spotted anyway). Each page shows an animal from the rear. Make your guess before you turn the page to see if you answered correctly. Good clean fun for the whole family.

See at Pokkadots.

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Adorable! I love those books too.

I love these books too. I actually bought the poo one for my grandmother who couldn't put my baby sister's down when I bought it for her. Now I plan to get one for my godson's book collection...

I must say though that this bottoms one seems a bit off somehow. It looks a bit lewd.

Polar bear butt! Omigosh so cute!

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