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07. 13. 2006

Frubi Shades

The other day, I was walking down Lincoln Road in Miami Beach with my kids, on our way to do some bowling. To kill time while we waited for friends, I stopped by a favorite kid's shop Genius Jones and saw these amazing sunglasses for kids called Frubis. What I love about them is first, their backstory: former three-time-Olympic-gold-medalist-turned-Arizona-ophtalmologist sits next to beauty industry insider/entrepreneur/inventor on a flight from New York to Arizona, they start talking and come up with a business plan for this product on cocktail napkins. Anyway, the eye doctor, named Gary Hall, is a specialist in damage to the eyes caused by the sun. He knows what he's doing, basically, and these glasses are so cool!. I am in the middle of a hot, sunny summer in Miami, so products like these not only capture my eye (no pun intended) design wise, but make so much sense for my kids. They work too, which is a much appreciated relief. Did you know that the eyes gets more damage from the sun than the skin? So you can imagine what can happen to a child's eyes. These glasses fit kids from 6 months to 6 years, getting a lot of mileage, come in an assortment of fun colors and designs and are soft all around while providing the best protection for their ocular health. My one year old loves to put glasses on, but I'm always freaking she'll poke herself. My older kids break their useless play sunglasses. Frubi Shades don't break, look good on (not like those awful cardboard 3D glasses, which you'd think they would) and best of all, they stay on. The company is working on shades for older kids for next year and sell Frubis in packs of 3 as well. I'm in love.

At Sensational Beginnings.

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Will your kid keep them on? I'm already fighing to keep the hat on.

Hats off (and then back on again) for Gabriela for joining our mission to protect children's eyes!! Thank you for the well written piece! As Frubi himself says to Moms everywhere: Remember seat belt, sunscreen, hat and Frubi shades!!

Dr. Gary (Frubi coinventor) I represent the medical part of Frubi and Renee, my partner, represents the real brain.

Thanks for always checking in with us...and yes, Frubi Shades stay on, even on the wildest of little ones.

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