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07. 21. 2006

Giggles Computer funtime for baby


I've always been torn about letting the toddler play with our computers even though I know she's very curious about it and really wants to. Part of it stems from trying to get her to understand and respect that the computer is for mommy's work so it's off limits, and like TV, I've been trying to limit her onscreen stimulation. It's been hard though because I'm pretty much always on the computer (especially since this laptop is practically attached to my lap) and boundaries get fuzzy when we occasionally look at family photos together onscreen.

I don't know whether it's strictly from wanting to imitate adults or whether humans have an innate interest in pushing buttons, but at times I can't get her to leave the keyboard alone. And so, I think I've made the decision that our 6 yr old Mac G4 will be hers one day and I've started letting her bang on the keyboard (unattached to screen) to her heart's content. She seems satisfied for now.

For those parents who want to introduce computer funtime for their young babies, Giggles founder, Tim Leverett, has created simple shape interactions for babies 6-24 months after being frustrated by the lack of age-appropriate software available on the market. Banging on the keyboard will set off spinning, dancing, flying shapes with more than 50 songs, but the best and most critical part? When launching the software, your files are "locked" and well protected so that you won't be hit with any unfortunate surprises later.

Giggles has been well received and more products and titles will be introduced this year. Both PC and Mac compatible, the software is $24.95 and can be purchased or downloaded from the Giggles website.

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If you've got a Mac, check out AlphaBaby (http://www.kldickey.addr.com/alphababy/).
Every key press is rewarded with a letter or shape on screen (my daughter LOVES the ducks that appear if you click and drag with the mouse).

The only issue I've found is that my daughter has figured out how to turn off the computer with the button on the keyboard!

I bought the Comfy Easy PC for my son, it sounds a lot like giggles, but is comes with a special keyboard, so he can still push buttons and hammer away, but it saves my keyboard from annihilation. www.Comfylandnorthamerica.com It's not compatible with Macs though, only PCs.

I'm also concerned about how much screen time my son gets (he's 2). He could play with it for ages without ever getting bored, so I try to limit his time. But I'm not sure how long is too long?

Hi - a great fee download for Mac users suits this purpose well - we have it for my son - ALPHABABY - good for the 2 year old...

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