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07. 18. 2006

Zacky infant Pillow

zaky9 (2).jpg

Too funny for words...and creepy at the same time, but Zacky does make me wonder if they're onto something. Many of my friends just had newborns recently and the reminder of sleep issues is daunting. I actually did sort of forget how painful it was to get the toddler to sleep sometimes in the early days. You know the drill - the gentle attempt to transition the sleeping baby from arms to the crib - but who are we kidding? As soon as you pull your hands away, the baby starts crying. In the early days, my husband used to sit by the bassinet for about 30 minutes after laying the baby down to monitor and quickly pat her down as soon as she stirred from her 30 minute sleep cycle. We aren't about to do that this time around.

And so, maybe Zacky isn't such a crazy idea after all despite the dismembered creepiness of it. You can leave your handprint behind and the Zacky Infant Pillow is made to mimic the weight, size and feel of the human hand. You can even scent or gently heat the pillow for greater effect and it's washable too.

See more photos of the Zacky in action at Pregnancy Store (scroll down).

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This gadget is a great invention. My baby girl also wakes up and start crying when I move my hands away from her when we try having a little couple time. Maybe this is the solution..

A bit creepy and maybe a bit sad. Seems there are more and more gadgets surfacing that try to take the place of mothering.

That's one way to look at it Wendy, but you could also look at it as a gadget that helps mom (or dad) relax for even 5 minutes longer so she can do her mothering refreshed instead of drowsy from having to sit next to the crib all night with baby. I'd rather take advantage of technology so I can give baby 100% during their waking hours when it truly counts.

The Zaky was originally designed for a premature baby that remained hospitalized for five months. Research has been done at a NICU and the nurses rated the Zaky in the top 3 items in terms of effectiveness in comforting and supporting the babies. Whether your baby is premature at the NICU, or hospitalized for a procedure or emergency, the Zaky is fantastic not only to comfort your child but it is also a favorite item for the nurses as it helps them in positioning and giving comfort to your baby. It is like leaving a hand with your baby when you cannot hold him.

quote taken from


Is there anything I should be aware of when using the Zaky?
Yes, please be aware of the following:

The Zaky is NOT A TOY
Do not use it on or around the face
*****DO NOT leave your child unattended while using the Zaky******
Discontinue its use IMMEDIATELY if any seam is not intact
Do not share the Zaky among babies to prevent contamination
Consult the medical personnel when using it with a sick child.

Please take notice of the third warning/precaution when using this device!!!!!

So it's obviously not safe to use as a substitute mother/father so you can "take advantage of technology so I can give baby 100% during their waking hours when it truly counts."

Technology should never replace parents roles...

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