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08. 26. 2006

Body Ninja bag for dads

A while ago I wrote about Hideo Wakamatsuís Randoseru. Now I see that Modernseed is stocking it along with an assortment of his wonderous bags just in time for the back-to-school frenzy. Along with the school bags, Modernseed is also carrying a nifty bag intended for dads by the well-known Japanese designer called the Body Ninja. The Body Ninja is exactly that, one of those carriers whose strap secures diagonally across the chest while the bag component sits comfortably on the back. Should agile dad need to get something out of it, all he has to do is swing it around to the front, ninja-style, for easy access and whip out a couple of diapers and wipes or a bottle and pacifier all in one swift movement. Once done, he just swings it back around and continues the trudge onward into the unknown depths of daddyhood. I really like this. My husband would too, since itís suitable not only for baby/kid paraphenelia but for anything dad-like. Made of washed Japanese canvas (could it be as cool as Japanese denim?), it promises to be lightweight and durable.

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