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08. 23. 2006

KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarm


I spent 8 years as a firefighter in my community and was very fortunate to never come upon a scene where children or adults had perished in a fire. Some of these homes had working detectors and some did not. I found it interesting that you would ever put a child to bed without one. 40,000 children a year die or are seriously injured in house fires. Too many if you ask me.

Recently I read some disturbing news about the traditional siren on current smoke detectors. When children are in their deep sleep stages, existing smoke detectors are unable to wake them up. Several studies brought to light that young children sleep right through that amazingly loud, shrill noise. I am happy to report the researches did not stop with the testing after the discovery. They wanted to know exactly what a young child would more effectively respond to. The answer is, surprisingly, their parentís voices and also hearing their own names. Enter the KidSmart Vocal Smoke Alarm. Parents record their own voices, the childís name and instructions (to aid a panicked child) onto the smoke detector. Tests prove that a child is twice as likely to wake up to this type of alarm. Older children are also much less panicked and able to follow their parentís voice commands to escape. Knowing how hard it is to wake my children up while I am standing in the room, I figure I can use all the help I can get when I'm not.

See at Ergoguys.

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