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08. 22. 2006

Stuffed animal storage


Like most families with kids I know, I bet you have too many stuffed animals lying around the house. Let the stuffed animals do double duty by storing them in a bag that doubles as a soft bean bag-like chair when filled. The bag has large, zippered, transparent compartments that let your kids see the toys inside. I really like the idea of getting plush toys out of sight since right now they're scattered in bins here and there. I never really thought we had that many since I haven't bought that many for my kid myself, but one day a bag full of stowaway animals found themselves in our apartment when my parents cleaned out a stationery store abandoned by a former tenant. Suddenly we had random Easter bunnies and birthday bears laying around, one of which was designated "Dr. Bunny" by the toddler (to kiss all boo boos away, real and imaginary). I'd love to just stuff them all into a bag like this since clearly I'm not allowed to give away any of them.

So who are the designers who came up with the Animal Bag? Boon, makers of the Frog pod (which perpetually keep falling off our bathroom tile, by the way. I'll forgive them though, since the tile is not smooth and has a slight texture which I assume is the reason why it's not sticking).

Interestingly, the Animal Bag is not featured yet on their website - I'd like to see more photos of it since the material in the above photo makes the bag appear suspicioulsy like a bad polyester stretchy shirt I once owned. But you can apparently order it on Babygeared.

Thanks to Babyg reader Kelly for the tip.

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