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08. 28. 2006

The Babykeeper


What is this contraption? A timeout enforcement device? No, it's actually the Babykeeper, a patent pending infant carrier seat that hangs from public bathroom stalls so you can go about your business without worrying where to put your baby. OK, I admit now that my toddler is old enough to walk into a public restroom stall with me I get grossed out when I'm on the toilet and she's touching everything in the stall, but not sure I'd go as far as hanging her on the doorstall. When she was younger, she'd either be in a stroller and I'd just go into a bigger handicap stall or I'd just keep her in the bjorn. You get pretty good at peeing with a baby in a sling after awhile.

But the inventors must have seen a need for this product in their lives and maybe many of you do too. If so, you can pre-order at a special introductory price of $39.99 until the end of the month. The price goes up 20 bucks after August 31.

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This thing looks like it could be used as some sort of torture device, a la "Malcolm in the Middle". It also reminds me of a lawsuit brought against a child care center for duct taping kids to the wall. Plus it looks a bit bulky to stuff into your diaper bag. I like the look on that girl's face scratching her head wondering what this is all about.

We've all been through the toddler / public restroom dilemma, and as Jenna states, park the stroller in the handicap stall with you or leave them in the carrier. With my 2-year-old, she is pretty much trained to stand still in one corner and listen to my pleas of "Don't touch anything!!!" Of course I always wash her hands together with mine afterwards.

I have to admit it's kind of attractive. My toddler doesn't just touch everything in the stall... he starts crawling under the barriers between stalls. Thank goodness we've always been the only ones in the restroom, thus far, when we've gone into public restrooms. Not sure I'd pay $40 for something I'd use so seldom, though.

Holy crap. This is the funniest gadget I have ever seen. I have just placed it on my christmas list!

That is just wrong I would not hang my daughter up in that contraption. It looks awful (shudder).

I like these better: http://www.babytoupee.com

That is hilarious!!!

How great is that! They should market them to places that have public restrooms!

Good lord, what will they come up with next. Good creativity

This is a great idea! It needs to look more kid friendly though. I can hear parents everywhere seeing this and thinking...'this is just the kind of thing I could use! Wait!..People will think I'm a child abuser though. Neh! I can't buy this.' Maybe if they were in all the dressing rooms in department stores and bathrooms at the library people would think they were ok and actually think of purchasing them. But really...go the more kid friendly route. Oh! Take better pics too! These poor kids look like meat hanging in a stall.

I just thought of this...how about adding stirrups for their feet and a little fuzzy horse head (or any cute animal that comees to mind..e.g., panda, ostrich,sheepdog,...) for the kids to play with while they hang there. It would look like a cute little toy that is nicely functional for the parents. All the best! Great invention. lol!

Wow- this is ridiculous. If you have a stroller with you, you can just bring the stroller into the handicap stall. If you're with someone else, you can just have them hold your kid.

When my daughter was an infant, I would wear her in a sling when I used a public bathroom. Now she's too long and her legs will likely get in the way.

Danielle, what would you suggest if you happen to be out alone and without your stroller? Put them on the filthy floor perhaps? Let a stranger hold them? Or maybe try and bring in the shopping cart full of merchandise? I think this sounds like a terrific alternative to any of these. I also see that they now have a new version available that works as a carrier as well.

How often would one actually need to use this? Seems like there is already so much junk in the world and so many other options to manage the situation. Drink less Latte? Seriously, four children later I have to say I don't recall this ever being a problem, inconvenience, or concern. And, I wonder about those who would more likely use it to hang their baby in front of the television.

Hmm...even if it keeps the baby out of the floor...the germs on the door are going to be just as bad...After all people have to touch the door to get back out after doing their business. This is idiotic.

The police have told women forever and ever to not hang their purses on the hooks on the back of the bathroom doors as people will reach over and grab them.
Do we really need another way for babies to be grabbed?

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