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09. 12. 2006

Heavenly Bundle Slings


When the tot was little, the sling was an indispensible item that I had with me at all times. I found it more comfortable and versatile than the Bjorn (which my husband preferred), and I just found the sling more to my liking, plus great for nursing discreetly in public. I'm starting to get all the newborn gear out from storage, but I'm not quite at that point of using them yet, so I asked a friend with a recent newborn to try out the Heavenly Bundle sling. The fabrics colors and patterns are quite extensive and attractive, though I admit, not necessarily something I would think of seeking at first, but who couldn't use some color in their every day life, right? My friend says that it was actually nice to put on a colorful sling to brighten your day (especially if you're sleep deprived!) and she got many looks walking down the street with her newborn because everyone noticed the bright pattern, but it also reverses to a solid color if you feel like being a little more low key. The fabric feels soft and good on the skin and is ultra-light. There's a small pocket to keep a few dollars or a credit card if you want to travel light, and ties that keep the sling neatly bundled up in the stroller or diaper bag is a nice little detail.

This sling is one continuous piece of fabric- no extraneous fabric or rings like some other slings out there, but there isn't a lot of stretch so getting the right size for your body is absolutely key for comfort and fit. There are sizing instructions on the website that you should follow closely, but make sure to have fun browsing the many patterns and colors.


See all the choices here at Heavenly bundle.

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