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10. 09. 2006

Hippychick Hipseat


The first time I ever came across the Hipseat was in my early days of parenthood. I was performing the impossible: steering a hefty pushchair with one hand, and containing an unhappy child with the other. As I struggled, a cool, calm and collected mama strode by, child on her hip: "You need to get one of these," she said.

Well, that was fifteen months ago, and I had forgotten all about it until a recent miserable day at a market. This time, not only was I steering the pushchair and holding the child; I was also - foolishly, you might say - trying to browse the goods on offer.

Mere days later, I was the proud owner of my own Hipseat. It doesn't look like much: at first glance you might think it was just an oversized bumbag. In effect, it's nothing but a hip extension, providing a ledge for your baby or toddler to perch upon.

But like many simple ideas, it works. It's designed for children from six months to three years, and as mine is nearly two, I had been a little worried that I had left it too late to get the full benefit.

In fact, I soon realised, this is a perfect age for it. Toddlers love to walk, but they tire easily. Every ten minutes or so, they want to be carried, and then minutes later they want to be set down again. It's so much easier to sit them on your Hipseat than to strap them into a pushchair or sling every time.

My final concern was that surely the husband wouldn’t be seen dead with it. Well, I was proved wrong on that count, too, although I can’t promise all husbands will be as blasé.

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