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10. 04. 2006

Moffii Cocoon and Oberon stand


Now, it seems to me that if you bought one of these, you might be explaining what it is to each and every visitor to your house. Jokes about alien pods and giantsí handbags would start to get old, Iím sure. But that doesnít stop me wishing Iíd known about these when my daughter was young enough to have used one.

Because, actually, when you start to think about it, the Moffii Cocoon looks a lot more comfortable than the standard crib or moses basket options. Itís a simple design: a large pouch suspended by a spring, with the option to hang it from a doorframe or ceiling beam, or to purchase a separate stand.

The Moffii website explains that the babyís every movement results in a gentle rocking movement that mimics life in the womb; as an added bonus, the cocoon can also work as a travel cot. Add together the price of a crib and a good travel cot, and the Moffii looks cheap in comparison.

The stand shown above (one of two options) adds a touch of whimsy: apparently itís ďInspired by the flight path of Oberon, King of the Fairies, as he takes offĒ.

Iíd have to test one for stability before I felt 100% happy to leave a baby in there. Apparently, if youíre going for the ceiling hook option, you should have it installed by a professional. I suppose that could be a hassle, but if it truly gets the baby to sleep happily, itís worth any amount of money in my book.

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I SWEAR I dreamed up one of these when my son was born. In fact, at 6 months, I think I could still use one.

I doubt this conforms to US safety standards.

I'm not sure which came first but it Looks a lot like an Amby Bed.


Looks a functionally like an amby but is a heck of alot prettier. I wanted an amby for my first child. I bought one for my second child and we used it every day until she was about 2 yrs old and I gave it (begrugingly) to my sister for her first baby. I'm preparing to install hammock chairs in our play room because the kids loved that thing sooooooo much!!!!

Tenshi: It does look like something out of a dream, doesn't it? In fact, the site's blurb says something about it being an ancient design used by many cultures, but brought up to date with a metal stand.
It also says you should stop using it as soon as your baby can stand, so, thinking about it, I guess it doesn't have the same longevity a cot/crib might have. Mind you, I see Amy is saying she used it for two years, so maybe with careful supervision...?

Stephanie: that's an interesting point. I'm writing from the UK, and it's also made and sold here. We have pretty stringent safety standards here too, you know! But I don't see anything on the Moffii website about that side of things.

Erm, these have actually been used in Asia for generations. All you need is a large spring and a length of cloth -- et voila! They're quite safe, as the baby's weight keeps the fabric wrapped securely around his/her body.

This is a much sleeker design though. ^^

I had the Amby for my first baby and bought one of these (sadly before the new frame) and there was a lot of difference between them. The Amby was much lower quality - for example the mattress was just foam whereas the Moffii is pure new wool. I also found that the Amby was low and I hurt my back putting our baby in and out. The Moffii frame looks like it is suspended at a much better height.

Ashan: there was a bit of blurb on the Moffii website about how the inspiration came from traditional practices abroad. It makes perfect sense, I guess. What could be more soothing?

Al: it's really useful to hear from someone who's got actual experience. Nothing beats that.

Myf: if you (or anybody else!) want any more info about this type of cradle, just post a question. Our first boy slept 10 hours a night without waking in his cradle and our second child, now 12 weeks, has been sleeping 12 hours at night since his second week. They are so comfortable and the baby's look so peaceful it's amazing. A good night's sleep makes life so much easier! I emailed the company and they are even going to exchange my old frame for the new spiral when it comes in a couple of weeks.

Thanks Al, I appreciate it. 12 hour nights at two weeks? That is worth any amount of money. And that is great news about the stand, too - sounds like they have good customer service.

I am trying to choose between the Amby nest and the moffii oberon. It has been so hard to find anyone writing who has actually used one. For those of you here who have, is it hard to put the baby in when s/he is asleep? It looks like it might be a bit awkward. Also, the amby has mesh sides. Is there any chance of suffocation in this cradle? It does look so much cozier than the amby and higher quiality.

I live in NJ and would like to purchase the moffii oberon. Where can I get it in the US?

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