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10. 20. 2006

OV Watch - Fertility Predictor

Human beings are probably one of the few creatures on the planet whose female do not openly exhibit "signs" when they are ready to mate. Or maybe it's that the male is just too obtuse to recognize it when they do. But from what I remember of those days, the signals, when they are sent at all are soooo subtle and mixed, it's almost impossible to decipher. And lawd knows we're not the brightest gender when it comes to those things. But it turns out, a recent study out of Los Angeles asserts that women do indeed show mating signs, and that they tend to dress their more enticing (gasp!) when they are at their most fertile. I think the term they used was "dress to impress". Seriously though, that's great, but it took a flock of PhDs to figure that out? How 'bout us average Joes? Do any of you guys out there know or sense when your wife or girlfriend or the hottie dressed to kill at the end of the bar are at their most fertile? Right. And that's where the OV Watch comes in handy. It supposedly works by monitoring the "chloride ions on your skin which fluctuate in relation to the menstral cycle" to give you a few additional days notice. They also claim those few extra days make all the difference and that other articles have shown the "highest probability of conception occurs with intercourse on the days prior to ovulation". Well, it doesn't have quite the same impact as involuntarily sticking the butt up in the air or emitting repeated shrill shrieks across the rainforest skies like some of the other species, but hey, it's something. And men can read watches...most of us.

-"Honey, what time is it?"
-"I don't know, but I think Nike makes these watches. It says 'Just Do It.'"

They estimate 66% more pregnancies to occur with the watch than with traditional methods. It sounds gimmicky and I'm by nature a skeptic, but considering what people go through and all the expense, $99 (National Infertility Awareness Week Special. Whaaa?) doesn't seem too much of a risk. Now, I know a lot of you reading this are already past the point where you'd find this device useful, but perhaps you can pass this info along to a friend who you know are "trying".

One last thing, and I'm not suggesting anything, but it occurs to me that a simple "hack" can easily get this watch to tell you when you are at your "least" fertile. I'm just saying!

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I came across your post and wanted to tell you my story since you think the watch may be gimmicky. I tried everything to get pregnant. CBFM, BBT, Opk's. Nothing gave me the right times that I was ovulating. I "tried" for 11 months before getting ov-watch. The first month I used it along with my monitor, the monitor said ovulating, blood tests said no. The following week the watch said fertile and I confirmed ovulation with blood work. I didn't get pregnant that month, but did the following month and am now due in January. I was also dx with PCOS. So it does work and can work for many women who are trying.

Hey Alexis,
First of all, congratulations! And allow me to be the first (from this site) to welcome you to Parenthood.
Let me just start by saying that my "gimmicky" label has less to do with the product than my inherent skepticism. I'm actually glad to hear that the OV Watch could be a legitimate product. And it's ultimately the stories and testimonials from actual users like yourself that'll dissuade me of my suspicion and convince other readers of this site to the benefits of this item.

There are many benefits to OV-Watch. If you have any questions on it let me know. I know how hard it is to get negative after negative and think that nothing works. I can't wait to use it again to have our second.

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