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10. 18. 2006

Slimline Milk Trays


Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. The Milk Tray is no more than a freezer tray for storing expressed breastmilk, but it's clear that a lot of thought has gone into the small details that make it as practical as possible.

I look back on my milk-expressing months as a blur of freezer bags falling out every time I opened the freezer, and precious, unused milk being tipped down the sink because it hadn't been drunk. Expressing milk and working full-time is quite stressful enough, so any product that makes things easier just has to be worth buying.

So what makes these Milk Trays so good? Well, the main thing is that each of the eight compartments takes precisely one ounce of milk. That makes it supremely easy to dole out the precise amount you need, with no wastage.

Because the frozen milk is in such small chunks, it will melt quickly, too - a definite bonus if your child is screaming with impatience. The eco-conscious will of course note that the trays are endlessly reusable, making them a better option than either freezer bags or the dedicated bags that you can buy with pumping systems. And they are small and neat, so they won't take up much room.

However, at 12.99 for two, they are a little costly. I suppose you'd need at least six trays when you think that two might be in use, two in the wash, and two ready for the next stash.

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