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10. 25. 2006

Tiny Tots Away


I always used to pride myself on packing a minimalist suitcase, until I became a mum. These days, I can plan and make lists as much as I like, but there's no escaping that even travelling with just the bare baby essentials adds several pounds to my luggage.

Which is why - in theory - Tiny Tots Away, a UK service, seems like such a good idea. You simply log on, shop for all your necessities - including nappies, baby food, sun protection, and snacks - and provide your holiday address. The consignment is then shipped by UPS to your destination, which means that the list of countries covered is as extensive as you could hope for.

The product list, while not enormous, does seem to cover all the well-known brands. They'll also order in anything you specifically request.

So, like I say, in theory, a good idea. I just have a nagging doubt about the environmental impact of sending your supplies by road while you also gobble up carbon miles by air. Am I being picky?

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