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10. 13. 2006

Utterly Yours breast pillow


Here's a product designed for the larger-breasted woman who finds breastfeeding difficult or tiresome because she constantly has to hold or readjust the breast.

It's a simple design: it's made of 'memory foam', so you squeeze it before positioning it below the bustline, whereupon it returns to its original shape, lifting the breast and allowing the mother to nurse hands-free.

Now, I classify myself as part of the target market here (yes, that's a coy way of saying I'm busty. And after my milk came in...? Beyond belief. Ahem). I have to say, I never found it a problem to position my baby or to keep her latched on. In all honestly, I think that if I'd had to get to grips with a product like this, as well as learning all the 'tummy to mummy' stuff, it might have been a step too far.

But, of course, I'm in favour of anything that lets more mothers breastfeed with less trouble. And the Utterly Yours website is bursting with happy testimonials from healthcare workers and mothers, so clearly there is a demand for it. Even more so now that it's rebranded.

Yes, you might have already guessed its original name: Udderly Yours.


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