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12. 02. 2006

The sound of a cat purring. My favorite sleeptime product yet


Getting your kids to sleep is big business. You have your music, your light shows, your blankets, if you can imagine something that may help a child sleep, someone is trying to make money on it. We have two cats in our house and most of the time they sleep at the foot of the kids' beds. I always thought the kids found the cats comforting, especially since most of the time the cats just sit at the bottom of the bed purring and massaging the kids' feet. It works well for everyone. Of course, I never thought it was something that could be monetized.

Shows how silly I am, right?

At castleep.com you can buy, for $2, an mp3 file of a cat purring. Apparently this is supposed to lull your kids to sleep. $2 for a digital file of a cat purring. I'm not angry someone is selling something that seems so...well, useless; I'm mostly angry that I didn't think of it first myself.

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