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01. 09. 2007

Baby Compact - minimise the bulk

Bib Easy

Take a look at the picture above: it's just a strap, right?

Right. But it's also one of those ideas that are both simple and devastatingly helpful. It's called the Bib Easy and it has a crocodile clip at each end. If you find yourself out without a bib, all you need to do is attach a serviette or napkin to each end. And there's no dirty bib to carry around afterwards.

This is just one product from Swedish company Baby Compact (select 'English' bottom left to see the translated site). Clearly they have a flair for the practical and unusual. Also showcased on their site is the See Better, an inflatable cushion that can be used in cinemas and theatres to raise the eye level of your kids, and the Sit and Carry (below) which is a side-carrier for children up to 2.5 years old, and also converts into a chair harness. Ingenious.

Sit and Carry

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The Bib Easy concept has been around for a while, but I found that the serious flaw is in the serviette or napkin used: If it's paper, the baby will just rip it right off, or soak it with fluid until it shreds.

Or maybe that's just my baby.

Actually, I can totally see how that would happen. Almost certainly not just your baby. But I'd really have totest it out to know for sure.

I tested it, that is exactly what happens with my 8 month old :) But it's useful with whatever cloth when I run out of clean bibs! I got the Bib Easy with the purchase of the Sit&Carry. I needed a carrier after the baby outgrew the Baby Bjorn, and I wanted something small enough to fit in the diaper bag to carry with me. It met my needs, it's good quality, the baby loves it. The inflatable cushion is great too, you can have a high chair wherever you go!
The lady at BabyCompact is nice and helped with the purchase in Italy. I am totally happy with the items.
BTW, I got it after I saw it on BabyGadget, as I did with a pair of Robeez (I am from and in Italy, we miss a lot of baby gadgets here!)
Oh, and sorry for my English.

Number one, your English is perfect! So don't worry on that score.
Number two, thanks for sharing your experiences. It always interests me to know when people buy products that they've seen on here. We don't have any affiliation with the products mentioned, and no way, of course, of knowing what effect, if any, our posts have, so it's fascinating to hear.

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