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01. 30. 2007

Caroline Lisfranc t-shirts


As we all know, once something's in French, it carries a little more cachet. It lends you, I don't know - a je ne sais quoi. Makes you a connoisseur. It's no accident that all the words we have for talking about chic fashion - there's another one - are borrowed from the French language.

Thus, these t-shirts from French designer Caroline Lisfranc really appeal to me. I have no idea how they're regarded in their native land, but they'd go down a storm here in the UK, where most of us learn French at school, but few of us have such fluency that we understand every single word.

Above is a t-shirt for the pregnant woman, detailing everything she'll need on 'D-day' (or 'jour J' as it's called, apparently), from tenderness and love, to the breath required to 'breathe like a dog' in labour. And below is a t-shirt for a small child, the slogan of which translates (according to my schoolgirl French) 'One day, I will be too small'. Interpret that how you will.

Both available from Made in Design.


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I bought a very simple bag from a store in paris from caroline listfranc...I love it!

Here it is: http://tinyurl.com/2ch9au

It's cute, but one thing...on the side it says "Doggy Girl" and I'm not sure how to take that. Vive la France!

Her design is pretty cute tho!

"Jour J" is just the translation for D like Day :O)

However "un jour je serais trop petit" means "one day, I'll be too small". Even as a French I don't understand. But does it really matter ?

Voodoo: That is one lovely bag. As for doggy girl, well...!

Thanks, Froggie, for your French insights. I can think of a multitude of possible meanings for the kid t-shirt, and I quite like that it's left to one's imagination, really. (I've added 'too' to my entry above).


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