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01. 15. 2007

Stroller Weights (and an assortment of other accessories)


Stroller or "Buggy" weights might seem like old hat to our European readers, but where are they in the US? I perused many a US website for these innovative, simple devises, and... nothing. The New York Times publicized them in 1999. Our friend, Daddytypes, reviewed them in 2005, but the place he said sold them no longer does. I can accessorize with a strollometer (just what it sounds like) and even stroller skies (Hope they're not for downhill!!!!), but where are my weights?

I mean, this seems like a no-brainer to me, because every time I take my son out of our umbrella stroller, it tips over. (Ok, I'm not dense, I have learned to take the diaper bag off it first, but it's a pain! I want to keep it stored there.) According to the New York Times tests, the weights counter balanced "a fully loaded diaper bag, three Barney videos, a wool sweater and two large bottles of San Pellegrino." Sounds great! UK parents are loving them, but, again, where are they in the US? Hey, US retailers, I repeat, where are they?!

(For now, US readers, try these few UK sites in addition to the link above: Great Little Trading Co., or BabyGear.)

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You said it. I'm forever tipping my stroller when I take the baby out.

Well, we do have some, and they do work, but not for really heavy loads. Plus, if you don't position them carefully, they can drag on the front wheel. And they add some weight if you're folding the pushchair and carrying it. Apart from that? Great!

Now here in the UK, we'd like what seems to be quite prevalent over there - the coffee holder attachment!

Albee Baby in Manhattan has the Tip Me Not stroller weights.

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