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03. 22. 2007

Puzzle Tray - play with your dishes, not your food


Like any toddler, my son loves to play with his food. I can't figure out if by discouraging this, I'm encouraging good manners or simply stifling a valuable creative exercise. So I was happy to run across this unique dish set from Royal VKB. Besides being groovy looking, each component of this award-winning collection doubles as a dish and a puzzle piece. So, now my son can have fun playing with his dishes, not his food. Furthermore, if you look closely, you'll notice that it demonstrates a proper place setting. So it also encourages good manners. Both mom and baby win!

Posted by Justine    Category: mealtime
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Hi Readers,

Forgot to mention that this groovy tray is not yet in production. :( Sorry! I'll keep you posted.


Didn't even realize DDTypes had posted about this. He certainly is on top of things! But still, we do have different readers, so just because he posts something, doesn't mean that we wont. When I do get ideas from Daddytypes, I'm always sure to credit him - see my Metro post below. We're big fans of his and have a mutually friendly relationship.

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