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03. 23. 2007

Organize all of your baby's schedules at once with the itzbeen Baby Care Timer


Sometimes you run across a disarmingly simple and useful idea and wonder why no one has yet thought of it. That's how I felt with the itzbeen Baby Care Timer, which is a simple piece of electronics that does nothing but count up. The face of the unit has four buttons that correspond to changing, feeding, sleeping, and anything else you can think of. So when you give your baby medicine, for instance, you hit that button and it begins the timer. You can then look at the itzbeen and see exactly how long it's been since your child has had its medicine, or if it's been too long since you've checked for diapers or hunger.

This isn't a substitute for listening to your baby or child and figuring out what they need, but it's a simple and easy way to keep the timing of these needs organized and available at a glance. This is a great idea, and at $30 is a great gift for any parent who is overworked and underslept. And that's all of them.

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We love the Itzbeen here at Dad Labs!

Check out this great demo with Greg, the creator of Itzbeen:

From your friends @ DadLabs.com

i use babybix.com instead for tracking baby sleep, eating, diapers, etc. no extra gadget to carry around in my diaper bag!

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