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03. 28. 2007

Who wouldn't want a musical journey through the worst of pregnancy?


Some experiences in life involve pure survival, and then after a few years you're allowed to look back and laugh and be a little nostalgic. Life has a built-in defense mechanism that allows you to remember some times as great and fun and magical and forget all the times you just prayed for it to be over. Of course, I'm looking at pregnancy from the outside, so I can be forgiven for the sense of trauma I still carry with me.

Which is why I was slightly horrified by the Mommy and Daddy Rocks music CD. It's like a greatest hits collection of memories I can barely dredge up from the deepest recesses of my mind. With songs like "My Preggo Beauty Queen," and "Glowing, Hormonal Rage," it's like a soundtrack to your terrifying memories of despair.

I remember one time I dropped an entire Snickers bar into a deep fryer, reached in and pulled it out. It was worth the scorching pain and months of reconstructive surgery: I had a fried Snickers. On the other hand, I'm not putting my hands in any deep fryers anymore. That's how I feel about the kids. Totally worth the pain and screaming fear of dealing with a pregnant partner, but it's not something I'd like to be made into a cute CD. The fun bit is having them now, so let's make songs about THAT, shall we?

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