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04. 30. 2007

Funky Little Darlings - a cut above


It can be really costly to commission a mural for your child's bedroom, and it never ceases to amaze me what a narrow choice of themes there are. If it's not a slightly-wonky Mickey Mouse, it's a fairy castle scene rendered in sickly pastels and frankly, not that much better than your child could do for themselves.

Funky Little Darlings mural

That's why I was rather excited to find Funky Little Darlings. The company consists of professional graphic designers coming from the world of computer games and toy design; they have worked on big-name brands like the Teletubbies and Sindy dolls. You can tell: the designs are bold, the colours are flat, and the whole look says 'professional'.

The really good news is that due to the way they work, you can have a Funky Little Darlings mural no matter where in the world you live. Choose a bespoke design or choose from the stock examples, and the whole thing is printed onto wallpaper which is then shipped to your house. If you are local to the UK, they also offer a hanging service.

At around £800, this isn't a cheap option, but each mural comes guaranteed for eight years, and should utterly transform a room in a way that willl please both your child and yourselves. Plus, if you start feeling jealous, they will design for adults' rooms too.

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