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04. 20. 2007

Scribble Couture makes your children's art the newest accessory


The danger of parenthood is that every scribble your child creates is magical. I can get just as lost looking at the blue swirls Luke calls a house as I do going through any art museum. Kid art sneaks up on you, before you know it you have crates of the stuff. Paper yellows though and color fades. There are many ways to make sure you'll have their art around forever, but Scribble Couture is now one of my favorites.

You send in your child's artwork and a few short weeks later you get your own tote, or clutch, or...okay, there aren't that many choices, and the prices aren't cheap. Still, can you imagine a more public way to show off your child's art? They don't offer much for the fathers out there, but I do have to admit this is something I've bookmarked for Jess' birthday.

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A cheaper option would be to scan and/or copy the image onto iron-on paper, and put it on an existing bag/hat/shirt.

Another great option would be to
make it on cafepress.com

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