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05. 22. 2007

Aquatopia saves your tired joints


There are many great things about parenthood, yes, but I must confess that it has aged me about ten years. I reckon it's the sleepless nights that did it - all of a sudden, my hips ache, my knees crack, and my head can't even turn far enough to see what the toddler's doing behind my back.

In this spirit, hooray for practical products like the Aquatopia. If gardeners get to kneel on neat little padded cushions, then why not mums, after all? Bath time is a nightly date between your sore aching knees and the hard bathroom floor, so do yourself a favour and save your joints for the inevitable bashing they'll get from wayward footballs, out of control tricycles, and toddler bounces in the morning.

Posted by Myf    Category: bath/health
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I´m spanihs woman. I don´t speak english very well, but I want buy aquatopia save your tired joints. I need know the price.I need know, where can I buy this product in Spain. Please send the information to my email.

Where can I buy this product in Madrid-España?

Thanks a lot,

Mayte Cruz

Mayte, Isabel, we only highlight products, we don't sell them ourselves. If you follow the link given in the post (JoJoMamanBebe) you will see on their delivery page that they are willing to deliver overseas: Call +44 1633 294 414 or fax +44 1633 279 287, Monday-Friday 8am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-5.30pm, Sunday 10am-4pm

Otherwise, I'd recommend going to a local independent baby supplies store and asking them to order the product for you.

Good luck!

Hi Myf, I like the idea of padding for the knees, but how much padding does this product offer for the elbows/forearms? It's hard to tell from the picture. Thanks.

Jemfysh, your guess is as good as mine on this one - your best bet is to ask the sellers at JoJoMamanBebe. Sorry not to be more help, but I haven't seen the product in person.

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