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05. 03. 2007



Creatiles comes as a set of 49 felt shapes, each of which can be used in many different ways. The pieces are big and chunky enough to allow children to build structures that are taller even than themselves, and they fit together in multiple configurations. It's almost like having a giant set of building blocks, and, fortunately, they are made of a soft enough material that no harm will be done should they tumble down.


Celebrity fans here in the UK, where Creatiles has won a number of toy awards, include film critic and father-of-three Jonathan Ross, psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud, and children's author Jacqueline Wilson. From the sounds of things, they couldn't prevent themselves from having a go too - always a good sign with a toy.

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When I was young all we had was fuzzy felt - I'm very jealous!! Now I need to find a small child to "buy" it for (obviously they'll need me to help play with it..)

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