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06. 14. 2007

Rubik's Cubes abound


Remember those care-free, younger days when you had nothing better to do than try (and try) to figure out your Rubik's Cube? If only we could harness that singular concentration on taxes and insurance forms... but I digress. If you'd like to pass on a bit of your youth to your children, consider a Rubik's Cube table for the playroom. With its colorful acrylic surfaces, it's something you and your youngsters might both enjoy. Unlike the original, this cube does not actually twist, which works for me cause I never could solve the dang thing. I actually preferred my Lite-Bright to Rubiks' Cubes. Lucky me, they have those too!


BTW, if your husband is like mine and actually could solve the Rubik's Cube, this Father's Day you might want to present him with a new challenge, the World Atlas Cube or the even more ambitious Greyscale Cube.

Snapshot%20atlas.jpg c7bb77e37832bc97229f0f7baefd8699-orig.jpeg

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