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06. 05. 2007

Drew Diaper Bag - Just how desperate are we to remain stylish?


The fashionable Drew diaper bag is billed as "perfect for parents who don't want to sacrifice style." At $380 it's also perfect for parents who don't mind sacrificing a few bucks!

First-time-moms-to-be, as your belly expands and your wardrobe shrinks, I fully understand your drive to remain hip and sexy as a mom. And admittedly, this supple leather tote is the hippest diaper bag I've seen. But before you rush out and spend nearly $400 on a bag, I'm here to tell you a dirty little secret: you may not mind being a little less fashionable after birth. It's true! A strange thing may happen where you suddenly become obsessed with baby accessories and could care less about those for adults. Why do you think this site exists? Now one might argue that The Drew is so chic that you could use it well after your child is out of diapers. Maybe, but with all diaper bags go through, I'd be skeptical. However, if you happen to have a friend or relative that is willing to shell out for this stylish piece, by all means register away.


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I love this bag! It involved a bit of convincing to get my husband to purchase it for me but how i love it. It's roomy, has lots of pockets to fit everything in and it looks fabulous. I use it as my everday bag and people always comment when i wear it. I love that i can head out without bub and still just grab my bag without thinking about swapping over my own personal belongings out of a diaper bag into my own purse. Praise the folk at Ramalama! It is so worth the investment and while there are definitely days when i don't care as much as i used to about how i look, with such a fabulous bag on my arm it gives me an instant lift no matter how i'm feeling.

I ended up asking a friend who is a seamstress to make me a bag that is totally me! It costed me about $80, it's black (*stylish point), and it has a pocket for my small laptop. I travel a lot, so I rather design something that will be really useful than buy expensive bags just to be stylish!

Chulamama just started carriing these luxurious diaper bags : with 4 fab styles : all buttery leather : you will have these forever : and feel like such a chula (cool ) mama. If your missing toting your designer handbags : have no featr ; wiht this bag you'll always feel amazing. Buy at chulamama.com and get 10% off using coupon code 'babygadget'

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