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06. 07. 2007

Nurse and Glow Pillow


Ahhh, the days of night time nursing and wakings are over since my now 7 month old has been sleeping through the night for about 6 weeks, but this image sent me into wistful nostalgia. File the Nurse and Glow Pillow under the "not essential" category, but it could really be useful. I probably wouldn't have needed the soft glow feature since I was always half asleep and the baby was able to latch in the dark just fine. But I really like the size and shape of the pillow and it would have been more comfortable for all of us in bed. Much to chef dad's discomfort, the piles of pillows did not go away when the baby was born since I was always using full size pillows to prop the baby on her side while nursing lying down. The pillow might have also prevented the baby from rolling away the few times when I fell asleep while nursing (I know I know so bad!).

But the feature that I love the most about this little product? It has a pocket on the back of the pillow to store nursing supplies. I don't have a nightstand on my side of the bed, so this would have been GREAT for storing breast pads, burp cloth and other essentials.

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Now this is something nice..

since we are expecting number two, we start to remember all the nightly interruptions (yes, you will forget about that soon)

the problem we had is that our nightlights where shining too bright. I came prepared now, bought some low intensity lights for the bedside lamps..

oh, and falling asleep happened to us a few times too... I can remeber waking up a few times every night thinking that I might have choked our little girl, but she was always safely in her own crib...

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