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07. 18. 2007

Classic gaming: the Tetrad bookshelf


I love using my obscure video gaming knowledge in everyday life. For instance, did you know that the pieces in the classic game Tetris are called Tetrominoes? Actually, they used to be called Tetrads. This is the sort of thing that rolls around in my mind. With trying to find good storage solutions for the kids' toys and knick-knacks, I never thought I'd go back to my days of playing the old black and white gameboy for a design decision. The Tetrad shelving from modern tots marries Tetris styling with wood, some nice low-impact colors, and the ability to configure the pieces any way you please.

Each set includes one each of all five shapes, and that's rather expensive for $750, but the ability to choose the backing color and to arrange it in so many neat ways is a huge selling point.It would certainly help to satisfy those of us who get the urge to rearrange furniture often. I'd have fun installing these, it would feel like playing a game!


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That has to be one of THE coolest things ever. I wish it wasn't so expensive.

I saw this over at MAKE magazine, how to build your own tetris shelves.


(much cheaper than buying it here)

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