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07. 12. 2007

Nihola: become a local celebrity


One of my close friends from the blogging world has recently been posting delighted accounts about a new purchase, the Nihola tricycle you see above, with its throne-like front carriage for two children and your bags. She says it has turned her into a minor celebrity, with schoolchildren lining up at the playground fence to wave at them, and cars slowing down to get a proper look as she rides past. She has a toddler and a newborn, and it's working out great for them.

The site has plenty of technical information, including some convincing evidence that these trikes are not as unwieldy as you might think, and quite easy to pedal uphill (all of which my friend confirms). There is also an assurance that they will happily ship worldwide - as you might expect, the Nihola originates in the bike-friendly countries of Denmark, Holland and Germany.

I must say, I am sorely tempted to follow in my blogmate's footsteps and make my daughter and I the celebrities of our local area. These trikes are beautiful, and they also look safer than many of the child-carrying options I see around my busy city.

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THESE LOOK AWESOME. I haven't dug deep enough to find out how much they cost, but I suspect they are incredibly expensive for a US customer with a weak US dollar coupled with international shipping. The Triobike priced out (with shipping) to just under $5000USD - WELL out of the budget. Does anyone know what these will run? Why doesn't anyone in the US produce these?

I want one! I want one!!!

Debra: I suspect you may be right about the price, especially given the dollar at the mo. They don't give pricing on the website; you have to make an enquiry.. which always hints at fairly high prices, doesn't it? I shall ask my blog pal though, and see if she can give me a ballpark figure.

And Lorien? Me too.

I've had a look around and ended up on the site they mention about a bike test. The price they post is, Nihola: Family € 2195 (no shipping included, I guess ;-).

Thanks, Tom, for doing the research! Ouch, though.

I also enquired and they are making barely enough to satisfy demand over there so even if we wanted one, they won't even give out prices because we won't be able to get one. I did see a price that was about $1500 if we could, but that's not official.

That's interesting, Stacey - if frustrating. Thanks!

I have been searching for months for a bike that I can use with my children around town. I have come across Christiania Bikes, Nihola Bikes and a Seattle Company http://www.dutchbikesea ttle.com/ which offers Bikefiets (I am not sure I could ride this one but it is a very popular bike.)I have my heart set on the Christiania Bike, I like the larger box dimensions, the stage coach like design and the many options but from what I have read the Nihola is supposed to be easier to maneuver. I am having trouble finding a US dealer for either so it is not likley that I will have any. If anyone has any info. on these bike or has purchased a Nihola since your last comment I would love to get your opinion.

I agree - this is an awesome idea. I so want to live in a more pedestrian way.

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