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07. 05. 2007

Time Out Pad

time out pad

We haven't got to the 'time out' stage with Tabitha, so it's hard for me to comment on the helpfulness or otherwise of this product. Instead, let me just detail its features, and perhaps someone will comment with what they think.

OK, so the problems are that kids sometimes disobey the command to take time out, get up too quickly, or just find it hard to judge how much time they have left. The Time Out Pad foresees all these potential pitfalls: the parent can set a timer which counts down, and an alarm goes off if the child attempts to get up too early. A series of 'traffic lights' help even a young child understand how much time there is left to go, and it can be set to a range of times from one to five minutes.

Now, I don't know, but my first thought is that a child would, at first, anyway, be so taken with the coloured lights and timer that they forget why they're even there. On the other hand, if that diffuses a difficult situation, then that's all for the good I suppose. One other important feature, anyway, is that the timer is tamper-proof.

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I foresee a child getting up just to get it to light up.

I agree, Navi. Keep things simple, I say.

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