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08. 08. 2007


info bands

There is nothing particularly new about the idea of tagging your child by whatever means - regular readers may recall a recent post about the SOS recorder, for example. The label or wristband is possibly the most basic form of labelling - apart from the tip I recall reading on Parent Hacks one time, suggesting that writing the address with indelible pen across the child's tummy at least had the advantage that they couldn't lose it, eat it, or get up to mischief with it.

Anyway. The Infoband, is, like I say, at the basic end of child-labelling technology, but it's cheap and it's appealing. Perhaps so appealing that your child will wear it with pride. At only a couple of quid (0r 4 US Dollars), you can pick up a few. There's room for a phone number or crucial details of things like allergies.

Also mentioned on the website is an item I'm waiting eagerly to hear more about. Do you wonder where all your kid's stuff disappears to? it asks. Now here's a product to solve that problem. There's no further information, but I'm imagining some fabulous tracking device that will tell me where my daughter's left her precious Tinky Winky doll within a five mile radius. Watch this space: I'll report as soon as I hear more.

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