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08. 30. 2007

The Buggy Brolly - takes care of you for once


Cosytoes? Check. Raincover? Check. Head support, foot support, fully reclining backrest? Check, check, check. Yes, the designers of pushchairs make certain that your precious child is comfortable in any weather - but the time comes when you have to ask yourself, what about me?

After all, I'm the one trudging up the hill, pushing the combined weight of shopping, baby and buggy against whatever the weather has thrown at us today. My daughter? Happy in her little raincover-bubble, watching the raindrops trickle against the plastic, humming a happy song. As for me, I'm very far from singing a happy song, I can tell you.

So thank heavens that someone has finally come up with what ought to be fitted as standard on all pushchairs - the Buggy Brolly (also works as a parasol for when the sun is beating down). Now if someone could just work on a big cosy-toes for me, I'll be happy.

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where can i buy it in spain, valencia???? thank you

Carmen, this is made by what looks to be a small English start-up company, but they encourage you to contact them with retail questions on this page: http://www.stay-put-blankets.com/contact.php.

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