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10. 22. 2007

The Brio high chair


We've certainly brought you toys from Brio in the past, but we haven't mentioned that they also do a highchair. Its simple lines, unusual shape, and the signature colour that I'm not even going to name because it gets far to much coverage on these pages: well, let's just say they all work together to make it a distinctive bit of kit.

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This certainly is a distinctive piece of kit. Perhaps its most distinctive attribute is its price tag - £240 excluding delivery. I know that babygadget brings us delightful items, but sometimes a heads up on cost would be nice.

It's a good point you make, Matt. Trouble is, I'm aware that my posts are in danger of becoming rather repetitive if I thrash the whole 'nice but can't afford it' theme too often. Still, believe me, I do sympathise. And I'll try to include more pricing info in future.

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