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10. 22. 2007

The Lift Off Rocket: to the stars!


I like imagination. I like imagining things, and I like trying to expand the minds of my kids. I enjoy the fact that I can read books about the world and we know a lot about it, but when I talk to my kids about space it's clear that even science doesn't know what's going on out there. That's why the Lift Off Rocket is such a great toy. It features a multi-leveled rocket, some rocket-men, and it's one of those toys that lets kids pretend to discover their own things.

Our kids have a better chance than we had of getting into space...so let's give them the tools to start thinking about it.

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This rocket is really great for my 18 month old as well as my 4 year old. The toy is marked as 18+ which I think limits it as I think it's one of the best rockets around that children can actually play with and not break. In fact, it's made so that the doors that open easily 'break' off and can easily be put back on again. Few moving pieces - but enough, and lots of sounds. Plus, it's nice and big. I really love this toy - if you couldn't tell :)

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