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11. 14. 2007

Spot on Square


I got an email from Bob who is an industrial designer and founder of a new company called Spot on Square. They're introducing a new line of children's furniture which will be available for sale next month with shipment in early January on their website and hopefully through other retailers next year. The furniture is absolutely gorgeous - clean, geometric lines balanced on playful, curved feet. The line, shown here, is called the Hiya Series, and includes a crib, toddler bed, dresser (with changing table), nightstand and shelving. I've always been a fan of white with wood, and this line is available in 3 options: all white, white with birch, or white with bamboo, which is a sustainable hardwood.


I've seen a fair amount of modern nursery furniture, but something about the design of Spot On Square's collection resonates with me and if I were to have another baby (which I'm not, but just saying), I'd consider springing for that crib. But since that's not happening, I'm keeping my eye on that beautiful bookshelf. I've been casually looking for a new bookshelf for Kid's room and this one, I have to say, would be THE perfect fit with the rest of her furniture.



Check them out on their website and get on their mailing list if your interested in finding out more.

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This line is so clean and beautiful. I love it's simple design. Modern style furniture although beautiful is not always kid friendly. This line is both attractive and functional. A nice fit for kids and parents!

You're right--this is clean-looking, beautifully designed furniture. Let's see more!

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